Subdivide & conquer, with Developments by Dale Alcock

Whether you’re a mum and dad investor or seasoned developer, subdividing land has the potential to land you significant profits through smart development.

Put simply, the process involves creating two or more blocks of land from a single ‘master block’. You can even merge multiple lots with the ultimate aim of subdividing the new ‘mega block’.

From here, you open up a range of development possibilities:

House Behind House Development - Doubleview 2


House Behind House Subdivision (Perth)
Retain an existing home and subdivide so that you can build a new property in the backyard.

Triplex & Duplex Development (Perth)
Purchase a vacant block or demolish an existing home to subdivide and build two or three properties.

Multi Unit Developments (Perth)
Purchase a vacant block or demolish an existing property to subdivide and build villas, townhouses or apartments.  

Developments by Dale Alcock - the property developers Perth trusts

Multi Unit Development Palmyra 25

Perth subdivision is a lot more complicated than simply building a new home on a standard suburban block. It’s easy to misinterpret those complex details like Perth R codes, turning splitting land into a splitting headache!

That’s why it pays to have the right team in your corner.

Armed with over 30 years of experience, Developments by Dale Alcock are here to guide you through every step of your Perth subdivision. Our aim is simple - minimise your cost and risk, and maximise your return.

It starts by unlocking the full potential of your block through a smart subdivision, and ends with a promise to finish your project on time and on budget, guaranteed.

Here’s how we approach every land subdivision (Perth wide), from as small as 200sqm or as large as 5,000sqm plus. 

The Subdivide Process


It’s vital to get the right advice from the start if you want to maximise the success of your investment. To discuss your options and the cost to subdivide land in Perth, talk to our award winning team of development and subdivision experts.

Developments Consultant Andrew


Have a chat to our development and subdivision expert Andrew!

Contact Andrew Owen on 0421 219 000 or email

Got a question about the subdivision process?

Got a question about the best way to go about the development process? Want to know more about the duplex, triplex, multi-unit and apartments we build? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal discussion about your plans and how we can help.

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