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Drawing from 30 years of development experience we’re here to guide you through the entire property development journey. Specialising in duplex, triplex, multi-unit and apartment developments, we’re driven by a single objective: to minimise your project’s risk, to maximise your profit. Get to know our development experts below.

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Dale Alcock Projects has been established as a specialist division to work directly with developers of house and land estates, medium density infill developments, retirement villages and medium to large scale developments throughout Perth.

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Our Developments Team

Developments Consultant Andrew
Hi, I’m Andrew Owen,

I love developing. I’ve done three projects myself and really enjoy seeing a plan come to fruition. It’s what made me want to switch four years ago to the development division at Dale’s, where I’ve worked for a total of 13 years in various roles. I get to meet so many interesting people and I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my job. Building and developing can be a bit of a minefield, so I welcome the opportunity to assist an investor through the process, helping ensure they have a successful and stress-free project. I’m continually expanding my skill set and development know-how. When it comes to life outside of work, I’m a family man with two awesome kids who loves Rotto, supports the Fremantle Dockers, and jumps at any chance I get to enjoy some surfing, boating and camping.

Contact Andrew on 0421 219 000 or email

Developments Consultant - Anthony
Hi, I’m Anthony Halvorson, 

When I’m not on dry land helping people with their developments, you’ll often find me heading for the water. I’m no super fish, but I’m a big fan of swimming events and have competed in the Anaconda adventure race, the Rottnest swim and the swim leg of the Busso Half Marathon. In summer, I try to get to Rotto every weekend with the family. We love soaking up the rays there. When I’m not on or in the water, I love the challenge of an awkward development block or a difficult development scenario, dealing with tricky projects to achieve the best possible outcome for investors. I have 15 years experience as a development consultant to draw on, including five years with Dale’s, and have also completed numerous duplex and triplex developments for myself throughout the metro area. If I could squeeze a bit more time into my weeks, it would be to improve my golf game!

Contact Anthony on 0419 888 693 or email​u

Developments Consultant - Liz
Hi, I’m Liz Allen-Fisher, 

I always say ‘I work to travel’, but my number one interest outside of development is interiors and design. I am obsessed with looking at homes of all types and eras, and I drive my husband nuts because I always want to change things up at home. I was finalising an interior design qualification when we packed up and shifted to Perth, and I already had a degree in Economics, so a career in the inner-city investment and development market made a lot of sense. Figures run in the Allen-Fisher family as my husband has his own accountancy practice and our 22-year-old daughter has just graduated with a degree in Economics after going to the USA on a tennis scholarship. After 25 years specialising in the developments industry – 22 of them with Dale’s – I still love developing property and have done several duplex developments myself. The more I know and learn, the more I want to be involved. The fact that we’re now doing Class 2 developments at Dale’s has also opened up a whole new world of interest for me. 

Contact Liz on 0417 918 124 or email​u


Developments Consultant - Stuart
Hi, I’m Stuart Jenkins, 

When you live in sunny Perth helping people with their property and unit development projects, it may sound odd to say you’ve discovered skiing, but that’s just what happened to me. I touched snow for the first time five years ago, learned to ski, loved it and have been three times since. While I may be an enthusiastic novice on the ski slopes, I’ve been an enthusiastic developments designer much, much longer. I have a quarter of a century of developments design experience behind me, spending most of that time at Dale’s. Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s so great to be able to help people build for their future. I love building and want to leave a positive legacy for the future. I’ve built four times myself, am a qualified Architectural Draftsman/Building Designer, and I welcome every design and development challenge that comes my way. 

Contact Stuart on 0409 214 464 or email​u



Our Projects Team

Simon Brady - Dale Alcock Projects
Simon Brady, Business Development Manager

Simon's pure focus is looking after our business to business clientele base, from concept through to practical completion. Simon is degree qualified in Marketing and Branding and we use him as our benchmark to ensure that we deliver on the key objective set out between himself and our clients on all our projects.  

Contact Simon on 0407 486 401 or email



Wayne Chamberlain - Dale Alcock Projects
Wayne Chamberlain, Business Development & Funding Manager 

Wayne has been a formidably acquisition to the Dale's Project team, previously the General Manager of Resolve Finance for the ABN Group. He now provides expert advice on all funding and capital requirements, feasibility studies and quite simply makes the difference between if a project gets given the green light to GO!. 


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