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Thanks to recent zoning changes, many Perth homeowners are looking at their backyards in entirely new ways. 

With a house-behind-house, Perth homeowners with large blocks can live in the comfort of their home while embarking on a development. Essentially it involves subdividing land into two separate titles, allowing you to build a new dwelling behind your existing.

It’s easy to see why a house-behind-house development is a popular choice for first time developers.

* Unlock equity in your block and turn that high-maintenance backyard lawn into a healthy profit

* Array of rental / selling possibilities

* No stress of finding alternative accommodation while building

* Sourcing finance and gaining council approvals is generally a more straightforward process.

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Townhouse from $229,000


Before embarking on a house-behind-house Perth development, the first step is to call your local council to check the Residential Planning Codes (R-Codes) of the area.

Here are the most common house-behind-house Perth development zonings and area calculations.


  Total Required Land Area

 Minimun Site Area For Each Property













We strongly advise that you carry out a contour and feature survey of the entire property early in the process. The information gained will be used to ensure the development design is compliant with all requirements and policies, help us provide accurate costings for each dwelling, and, ultimately calculate the likely return on your investment.


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How to Profit

There are many ways to profit from a house-behind-house Perth:

* Stay in your current home, rent out / sell the new dwelling
This will generate a new stream of income to pay down your mortgage or start a new development.

* Sell the original property and move into the new house
Use the proceeds from the sale to reduce your mortgage, all while enjoying life in a brand new home in the suburb and street you love.

* Sell both properties
By turning your property into two, you can pocket the profits and move up the property ladder.

What can I build?

A single storey unit or a double storey townhouse can be built on a rear strata. Which one you choose will depend on who you are building for.

Having all the accommodation on one level has strong appeal for empty nesters and retirees with an eye on the future. Families with small children also often prefer to live in a home without stairs. Single-storey units are associated with quicker build times, which is a big plus when you’re a developer and time is money.

Two storey townhouses are a great solution if you want to maximise space on your block. They are particularly popular in inner-suburb areas, or where developers are looking to get a greater yield or higher selling price. Not only do two-storey designs have a height advantage that can help you capture views, but they can also, in some suburbs, be perceived as ‘trendier’ or more desirable than single-storey homes. Families with older children often like the sense of separation that comes with having accommodation over two levels. The upper level can be ideal for a master suite or teenage retreat, while the home’s smaller footprint can potentially mean more backyard space.

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A house-behind-house Perth development requires consideration of a range of complexities. From R-Codes, to ensuring the existing house meets current planning regulations, right down to allowing sufficient vehicle movement and parking areas. 

As the subdivision builder Perth trusts, we can help every step of the way through your house-behind-house journey.

Want to find out how a house-behind-house Perth development would work on your block, including subdivision costs? Contact us and we’ll explain your options.

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30 years' experience
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On Time. On Budget. Guaranteed.
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Complete design to construct service
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