Why Renovate?

Should I stay or should I go? If you find yourself weighing up whether to take the plunge and renovate, or to finally get serious about moving, then the chances are you’ve decided your current home no longer fits the bill. Too small? Too dated? Just not practical? These are all good reasons for thinking it’s time to move on.

But can you be confident that buying someone else’s home will fit you any better than the one you have now? Or should you stay put and spend the money working with what you’ve got?

If you’re convinced the perfect home is out there waiting for you, chances are you won’t come across it by accident. Most people who buy an established home have done their research, attending home opens, pouring over real estate websites and awaiting the weekly ‘new to market’ notifications before negotiating the ‘right’ price. If you do find the perfect pre-loved home, then it’s just reward for the hours spent and the costs associated with buying and selling.


On the other hand...

DAHI - Sorrento - After

People who decide to stay put and renovate do so because one, or more, of the following statements rings true for them:

  • We want to stay in a location we love, with schools, friends and our favourite shops, parks and restaurants on the doorstep, but we’re not sure we can afford to buy a bigger or better house in the same neighbourhood.
  • We want the feel of a new house, but without the upheaval of moving.
  • We love the character/size/style of our existing home, but the layout’s just not working for us anymore.
  • We’d love a custom design that gives us a home that’s just right for us.
  • We love our home, but we know we could love it even more if we made a few changes to it.
  • We want to increase the value of our home as an investment for the future.

Ready to embark on your renovation journey?

We can turn your dreams into reality. From renovations, extensions, additions and granny flats – we do them all. Whatever your plans, have a chat to our team and find out how we can help. Simply call us on 6555 7558 (24 hours, 7 days) or fill out the form.

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