Second Storey Additions Perth

Life getting crowded on ground level? Maybe those sweeping views are calling your name? If you thought adding a second storey was a project for 'one day', you'd be right. Thanks to innovative construction technology, it’s now possible to add a second storey to your beloved home in a matter of hours. Two storeys, one day, zero fuss. – simply leave for work and arrive home to your stunning home transformation.

Take your home to the next level.

Mt Hawthorn before additionElevating your lifestyle has never been so effortless. Our groundbreaking two storey building process is the fast, affordable and hassle-free way to stay in the location you love. Tailored to your home, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, from private upstairs retreats to elevated living spaces, elegant ensuites and dynamic activity rooms. Not only will it enhance your home with a grander, more striking façade, you’ll add style, space and functionality, without the wait.

  • Take advantage of views
  • Mt Hawthorn additon artist impression
    Increase space & functionality
  • Improve zoning between parents & kids
  • Add extra rooms for a growing family or home-based business
  • Extend without sacrificing outdoor living space
  • Transform your home’s street appeal

Let the transformation begin.

The concept is surprisingly simple - rather than starting from scratch onsite, we construct your second storey in a purpose-built facility offsite, fusing the advanced thermal properties of EPS with the enduring quality of engineered steel in a controlled environment shielded from the elements. Once completed, we’ll transport it to your property, using a crane to secure it to your home within a single day, before connecting services and installing your staircase in the coming weeks.

Step 1: Two storey addition
Step 1: Constructed offsite in a quality controlled, all-weather facility
Step 1: Two storey addition2
Step 2: Transported by truck to your existing home
Step 3: Two storey addition
Step 3: Installed by crane in a matter of hours
Step 4: Two storey addition
Step 4: Finishing touches within weeks


Two storeys, one day, zero fuss

Thanks to our innovative offsite construction, we dramatically reduce timeframes and minimise onsite disruption, making it the fast and easy two-storey solution.


Bespoke designs

Bespoke designs

We give you full design flexibility (not pre-designed floorplans), tailored to the way you want to live and seamlessly integrated with your existing home

Built to last

Built to last

With the strength of structurally engineered steel frame construction, you can build with confidence knowing you’re adding enduring value.


Easy installation

Easy installation

Our engineered floorframes allow for unsurpassed flexibility when designing your project and speed of installation onsite.

Whatever the weather

EPS insulation’s advanced thermal properties exceed energy efficiency requirements, meaning it's warm in winter and cool in summer. 


Superior quality control

Superior quality control

Our all-weather environment allows us to build in a highly controlled environment free from weather delays, resulting in fast, high quality builds.

You’re in safe hands

There’s a reason we’ve been awarded HIA Professional Renovator of the Year for six of the last eight years. With over two decades of success, we’ll ensure your project is planned to perfection and executed on time, on budget – guaranteed, backed by a 12-month maintenance and 25 year structural warranty.

DAHI - Second Storey Addition

Would you prefer we build onsite?

Maybe it’s not possible to crane your second storey in?

Ask us about how we can build your brand new second storey onsite with as minimal disruption as possible - in most cases, you can still live at your house during construction.



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