Home Renovation and Extensions Process & Cost

At Dale Alcock Home Improvement Perth, we make the entire process for your Perth home renovations as simple and stress-free as possible. Relax as we take care of everything from concept-to-completion, all tailored to your unique lifestyle. 

Read more about planning your renovation journey, home extension costs and disruption and mess of improving your home.

Your Renovation Journey


A design consultant will call you to organise an appointment at your home (about 1-2 hours).
In this meeting, your design consultant will:

  • Walk around your existing home
  • Discuss your needs and wants
  • Brainstorm some ideas to suit you, and even sketch some plans
  • Discuss costs and possible dsign solutions

TIP: Prepare for the meeting by thinking about what you’re trying to achieve and under what budget. Sketches are a great idea.



A member of our drafting team will be out to collect important details to accurately draw up your home. Allow anywhere between 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the renovation. 

  • Measuring of your home
  • Comprehensive audit of your home 
  • Photos and note taking (analysing things like materials required, sewer lines, easements, access points, setbacks and asbestos).



Next, your design consultant books your job into our internal design department.

  • The design department draws the original plan to scale, based on all the measurements from the design measure meeting
  • The design consultant and designer sit together and draw up your proposed home improvement plans tailored to your needs, wants and budget
  • Costing is provided by our estimating department


STEP 4: Preliminary Works Contract (PWC)

At the PWC, your design consultant will provide you with: 

  • PPA drawings – the floor plans for your home
  • A fixed price for your home improvement
  • A detailed addenda (inclusions and exclusions)
  • Perspectives (3D images)
  • Internal and external layouts, as well as the layouts of your wet areas such as bathrooms. 

If you are happy with everything, you can sign off on the PPA plans. 



Our drafting team prepare construction drawings of your design consisting of: 

  • Site Survey
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Details
  • Room Layouts
  • Electrical Plans



Once drawings are complete, we can submit them to council to get all the necessary approvals sorted, from the building licence, to building permits and water corporation approvals. Simply sit back and relax as we take care of all that confusing (and boring) paperwork for you.



Get excited! At Pre-start, you’ll be invited into our showroom to select your colours and selections. This is your opportunity to upgrade any standard specification items you signed off on your addenda.

Our project coordinators will guide you through everything, including invaluable advice on the latest trends and ‘must haves’, before pricing any upgrades from your original specification. Once all your selections have been priced, approved, and plans amended, you’ll receive final plans and addenda for sign off. We then go to the scheduling department to order materials to start construction on your house renovations.

TIP: Signing off on costings as quickly as you can will speed up our progress to the construction stage.



Before we start work on site, we’ll hold a pre-commencement site meeting where we’ll introduce you to your dedicated site manager.



That’s it! Simply sit back and watch your home’s transformation come to life.

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Renovation - Mt ClaremontHome extensions - costs 

When you choose Dale Alcock Home Improvement for your Perth home extensions, you can rest assured knowing our building quality is second to none. With every quote comes free peace of mind knowing your investment will last long into the future.

The overall cost for home extensions in Perth will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The overall size of the extension
  • The time it will take our builders to complete
  • The amount of detail required throughout the extension.

Our design consultants are very experienced, however, and can often give you a reasonably accurate ballpark cost if you give them a call and explain what you're looking to do.  

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Disruption & mess

Delivering a seamless renovation experience is as the heart of everything we do. We take every action to complete all works as discretely and considerately as possible. 

All our trades work to a strict ‘no smoking, no loud-music’ policy to ensure we treat your property respectfully.  

Work site
We promise to clean up after each day, with a site bin available at all times so that all waste and materials can be disposed efficiently (which we then recycle).

Hours of work
Work is carried out at respectful times (7am-4pm) and no work is performed during the weekend without prior permission.

Owner parking
We have a designated owner parking area, and ensure no deliveries take place on the driveway so it is accessible at all times.

Notifying neighbours
To keep the neighbourhood happy and informed, we leave a door hanger on all surrounding doors letting them know we’re undertaking work. 

Minimising mess
We use stud walls to block off your current home from the works in progress, create temporary wet areas and cover existing flooring.

Continuous living
If needed, we’ll provide temporary kitchens, bathrooms and even pet safe fencing to ensure the whole family can continue to live in your home while the transformation take place.

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