Demolish and Build FAQS

Demolition Process- Frequently Asked Questions

When can the demolition process commence?
Once contracts are signed and the house is vacated, we apply for the Demolition Permit. Upon receipt of unconditional Finance Approval, Dale Alcock Homes will authorise the demolition to proceed.

How long does the demolition process take?
The average timeframe to completion of demolition, once the house is vacant, is approximately 8–10 weeks. The Building Permit is dependent upon the Demolition Permit and in some instances will not be processed until the Demolition Permit is issued. This varies from shire to shire. As the demolition process cannot begin while the house is occupied, consideration needs to be given to termination of tenant occupancy, or when you propose to move out of the property. Further information will be provided by our client liaison officer, who will monitor the demolition process and be your point of contact during this stage.

How can I find out how many properties can be built on my block?
It will all depend on the Residential Planning Codes (R-Codes) of the area, and also specifically your block.As R-Code specialists, we can consult with local councils and planning consultants on your behalf to work out what’s possible on your site and whether it will be impacted by future zoning changes. Our expert Development Consultants can tell you what your R-Code is and then what that means for you. Phone the team on 9242 9500 today. 

When do the premises need to be vacated and who arranges the service disconnections?
You should have plans to vacate your home approximately 2–3 months prior to the commencement of demolition. The disconnection of services and abolishment of meters is arranged by the demolition contractor; however you will need to notify Synergy (131 353) and Atco Gas (131 356) by phone within 7 days notice, prior to vacating the home, in order for the final meter readings to be done.

If we wish to retain certain existing features, how do we identify them?
Firstly, your needs in this regard should be discussed with your sales consultant who will then refer them to our contracts team. There may be issues relating to access and construction constraints to be addressed. The following are some of the features you may wish to retain: trees, bores, pools and retaining walls. These features must be clearly identified with bright paint or landscaper’s tape. They must also be clearly marked and stated on plans.

Are we able to salvage some of the materials and items from the house?
Consideration should be given to the following:
You cannot remove structural items such as windows and doorframes, which are items covered by the demolition permit. Salvaging items such as cooktops, ovens, hot water units, air conditioners, cupboards, bathroom fixtures and fittings, lights, tapware and floorboards, etc. will significantly affect the demolition quote and therefore your contract price. Your list of items to be salvaged should be given to your sales consultant prior to quoting.

Is there anything else that we need to do?
Once the property is vacant, the keys are to be left in the meter box for rat baiting to be undertaken and for the Shire to inspect. The keys should remain there until demolition commences. The property needs to be completely cleared of furniture, bedding, clothing and rubbish before demolition commences.If this is not done, the demolition contractor will charge extra, as these items and rubbish are considered a contaminated load and cannot be included with demolition rubble. If you don’t already know your neighbours, this is an opportunity to introduce yourselves and make them aware of your intentions, giving them a broad outline of the building program. You may also be asked to have your neighbours sign forms to complete the demolition application.

What needs to be done regarding power domes and sewer junctions?
If there is no existing power dome, Dale Alcock Homes will arrange the ordering and installation of the dome once the site has been pegged by the surveyor. The demolition contract will identify the sewer junction with a marker when he disconnects the old service.


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