Things to look out for when choosing your home builder

Building your new home is one of life's rare milestones and you want to make sure it's everything you've imagined so choosing the right builder is a crucial step in the process. You will be working closely with your builder for up to two years (not including your warranty period) so it is important to choose wisely.

There is a large selection of new home builders in Perth and it may seem hard to set them apart. Once you have identified a few builders who can build to your preferred style and budget, the following checklist will help you pick the right builder to bring your dream home to life:

  1. How much experience does the builder have? Do they have a sound financial reputation?
  2. Do you know anyone who works for the company – what have they got to say?
  3. Have you checked their portfolio and are they experienced and competent at building your preferred style of home?
  4. Do they have good reviews from customers online and across social media sites?
  5. How many display homes do they have (and where are they)?
  6. If possible, have you inspected a home recently completed by the builder to check the quality of features and material used?
  7. Have they won any state or national industry awards for excellence?
  8. Are they members of any professional associations?
  9. What insurances do they have in place?
  10. Can the builder assist with your property finance?
  11. What is their customer service process – who will be your point of contact and how do they keep you up to date throughout the home building process?
  12. What brand appliances do they offer as ‘standard’ in the home?
  13. Does the builder have a dedicated product showroom to assist with selections?
  14. What suppliers and contractors does the builder use? 
  15. Do they offer fixed price contracts or what is the cost for any variations?
  16. What structural warranty does the builder offer for the property?
  17. How long is the maintenance period once the property is built?
  18. What third party, quality endorsed assurances does the builder have in place?
  19. Does the builder meet all the legal and safety requirements involved with building a new home?
  20. Does the builder have a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment?


If you would like to discuss any of the above questions or want to find out more about what sets us apart from other home builders in Perth, please feel free to contact us today.