Our top 5 most popular kitchen features

The kitchen is the true heart of every home and quite often the most important space in the house. This is why the features and design of a kitchen can play such a strong role in influencing your final choice of house design. Here we take a quick look at five of our top kitchen design requests.

1. Larders and Sculleries

Cooking and entertaining at home (both indoors and outdoors) has surged in popularity in recent years but so has the desire to conceal the mess that comes with it! This is why larders, sculleries and concealed fridges are a growing trend because they provide a dedicated, functional space where you can store or prepare food and create a mess whilst still keeping your main kitchen areas clean and sparkling for your guests.

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2. Servery Windows

The once defined lines between indoor and outdoor entertaining are becoming more and more blurred as homeowners look for flexible spaces to entertain both inside and out. This is driving the trend to include servery windows in the kitchen, often with bi-fold windows, providing a seamless transition and access to the alfresco area with uninterrupted bench space. Servery windows have the added advantage of bringing plenty of natural light into the kitchen and provide the opportunity to enjoy Perth’s magical weather throughout the year.

3. Large island benches

It’s not a new trend but the generous island bench will continue to dominate most kitchen designs in 2018. The island bench provides a focal point for the kitchen and is the perfect spot for food preparation, informal entertaining, relaxed family meals, coffee catch-ups, a flexible work space plus more!

4. Functional Design

It might sound obvious but clean lines and a sleek, functional design are important aspects of every kitchen design at Dale Alcock Homes. There is no point having a beautiful looking kitchen if it is cumbersome to use, does not have your preferred inclusions and cannot keep pace with your family’s needs. This is why every square inch of every kitchen designed and constructed by Dale Alcock Homes has been meticulously crafted and considered.

5. A wine or coffee nook

We all need a vice to get us through the hectic pace of modern life and whether yours is coffee, fine wine, craft beer or a freshly squeezed juice, why not consider a special nook in your kitchen to display your coffee machine, juicer or wine fridge? You can add character to the area with your favourite glassware, coffee cups or fresh fruit (depending on your preference) and the nook creates the perfect space to take a little ‘time out’ for yourself.

If you would like to view more of the very latest kitchen design trends you can visit our display homes and touch, see and explore all the different features on offer, plus you can speak to one of our experienced New Homes Consultants for further ideas and inspiration.