A 'Milestone Moment'

A ‘milestone moment’ walking into a Dale Alcock display proved to be the starting point for first homebuyers Emily and George, who have just moved into their new family home in Yanchep with their 16-month-old son Teddy.

George, a 26-year-old bricklayer, and Emily, a 23-year-old insurance consultant, had walked into the Westhampton by Dale Alcock Homes in Jindalee and knew instantly that the Hamptons-inspired showcase was their ‘dream home’.

With its weatherboard cladding, stunning kitchen and larder, kids’ activity room and spacious indoor/outdoor living area, it was perfect for their young family, which includes Australian x British Bulldog Albert and American Bulldog Tahla.

Cameron Lade, General Manager of Dale Alcock Homes, says the couple, who had been renting in Butler when they decided to build, then set out to find the perfect block of land to match their chosen design.

“George and Emily decided on Yanchep Golf Estate, picking the biggest block they could find to fit the Westhampton, which is a big home ideal for a growing family,” Mr Lade said.

“It’s been wonderful to see this young family being so enthusiastic and involved every step of the way. They picked the keys up in the middle of May and couldn’t wait to get painting so they could move in a week later.”

Emily says building their first family home was exciting and they learned so much. She shared her insights with New Homes.


What has been the most rewarding part of building, rather than buying established?

Definitely having everything that we have always wanted in our house, with everything brand new. Building our first family home has been a dream come true and that is reward in itself, I think. With George being a bricklayer it was about time we built. We knew we wanted something that could adapt well to being the perfect family home, and somewhere where Teddy would be happy to grow up. We did look at established homes, but it just wasn’t going to be worth it as there were certain things we wanted in our first home.

What is your favourite room in your new house?

That would have to be our master bedroom. It is so big and we especially love the walk-in wardrobe and how it continues on into our ensuite with the double-sized shower and freestanding bath. Everyone else loves this part of the house when they visit, too.

Why did you choose Dale Alcock Homes?

The Westhampton was the first display home that we walked into and went ‘Wow! This is it!’ The company’s workmanship is second to none and the staff were always on hand whenever we needed them.


Would you have any advice for anyone looking to build?

I would say take the time to make sure you pick the right house and really take your time through the pre-start process. Take pictures of everything you pick out so you don’t have to alter anything down the track. Saving is also key!

What was your experience like overall?

Judging by what a lot of people say about building, we thought it would be stressful, but we found it great building our first home. We found it very exciting throughout the whole process. It was a new learning curve for us, learning all the different aspects of building. The whole experience from start to finish has been great and we would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about building. The staff at Dale Alcock Homes are amazing, which makes the whole process so much easier.


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