7 ways to embrace the '70's revival

Relax, we’re not about to suggest you have to commit to orange wall-to-wall shagpile, pine panelling and an avocado-green kitchen.

The ’70s may be back, but they’re all grown up.  

If you’re looking for a touch of retro in your remodelled home, then this is the chance to take the best bits from ‘the decade that style forgot’ and use them to create an elegant look that works perfectly with contemporary, open-plan spaces.

Sunken lounge anyone?

Our interior designers tell us that the current trend is a playful take on key elements of the classic ’70s decorating style. Cue pops of colour, bold pattern, shaggy textiles, timber plant stands and all things macramé. Even the built-in bar is enjoying a revival.

But there’s one big difference to take note of.

We’re not necessarily using all the ideas at once!

What’s more, each element we do use is subtle and executed with a delicate hand to ensure the end result has both character and class.

Today, channelling the ’70s is about gentle earthy appeal and a smart mix of colour, pattern and touchable texture. And that doesn’t mean electric shocks courtesy of the sofa cushions.

Here’s our list of 7 ways to introduce a little ’70s personality into your interiors:

1. Inspired by nature:

Remember the peacock chair? The teak sideboard? The bamboo light shade? Take inspiration from these classic pieces and the timeless appeal of rattan, cane, bamboo and timber.

Peacock chair

(Peacock chair - mydomainehome.com.au)

2. Low lounges:

Look out for over-sized, low-slung sofas with short legs and super-pillowy cushions, big enough to accommodate the whole Brady Bunch. Comfort and cuddles are the order of the day.

Low lounges

(Low lounges - pinterest.com.au)

3. Exposed brick:

Forget the dark face bricks of old. Now we’re seeing the light with chic exposed brick walls. Either left au naturel or painted in a soft neutral, they add texture and interest to contemporary interiors.

(Exposed brick - Mt Hawthorn transformation project)

4. Wall textiles:

Macramé wall hangings have been made modern again. Buy from the professionals, or it’s easy to DIY your own knotted-string masterpiece.


(Natural tones & macrame - lukecaldwell.com)

5. Terrazzo:

This classic stone is back in a big way, used for everything from floors and tabletops, to lamp stands and plant pots. 


(Terrazzo - pinterest.com.au)

6. Pops of colour:

Accents are fun and bright, yet show a necessary degree of restraint to suit contemporary interiors. Take your cues from the citrus hues and upbeat reds and blues of the ’70s to inject a little colour into a neutral decorating scheme.

Pops of colour

(Pops of colour- pinterest.com.au)

7. Pattern:

Wallpaper is the perfect way to add swathes of pattern reminiscent of the ’70s. The trick is to use it thoughtfully, with sophisticated shape and texture. Thankfully, the days of pattern-matching our walls and curtains are long gone.


(Pattern wallpaper - etsy.com)

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