30 Years of Innovation

Relaxation, entertainment, organisation and flexibility are the cornerstones of every Dale Alcock Homes design, earning the builder an enviable reputation for innovation and customer service.

Established 30 years ago and the winner of more than 100 major industry awards, Dale Alcock Homes has seen its fair share of trends over the past three decades, but keeping the focus on customer needs has always been paramount.

“While current looks and styles have always been a big part of the Dale Alcock design ethos, it’s just as important that we design for a client’s specific needs and circumstances, and future-proof the home to the best of our abilities,” says Cameron Lade, General Manager at Dale Alcock Homes.

Back in the 1980s, when Dale Alcock Homes was drawing up its first house plans, the trend was for simplistic kitchens. In the 1990s, carports, and formal dining and lounge rooms were on trend. People were also asking for bigger homes and brickwork was a popular feature on front elevations.

The home theatre was the big trend of the ‘noughties’, while rendered elevations, larders or sculleries, and multi-functional rooms have topped the list of features in recent years.


“House size has become smaller, too, and more fit for purpose,” Mr Lade said. “This can be attributed in part to the fact that block width has decreased. Blocks 18m wide were common in the ’90s, but now the standard width is between 12.5m wide and 15m.

“It’s meant that designers have had to become clever with their designs to ensure the home still feels spacious, even though it may be smaller than the homes being built a few decades ago.

“By building relaxation, entertainment, organisation and flexibility into every Dale Alcock Homes design, we’re not only reflecting current trends, but we’re also helping make everyday life more comfortable, both today and tomorrow,” Mr Lade said.

“It’s one of the reasons why a Dale Alcock home feels ‘right’, even if you can’t put your finger on why.”

Several recent designs from the Dale Alcock Homes design team are even pet-friendly. Recognising how important our four-legged friends are to us, they include built-in kennels and dog-doors.


“Today’s designs are not all about size. Today’s homebuyers are looking for homes that are innovative, contemporary and functional, and offer excellent value for money,” Mr Lade said.

“Customer needs change and evolve, and as a modern, forward-thinking homebuilder we must change and evolve with them.

“Dale himself has taught us how important attention to detail is and he’s still actively involved in the new product design process alongside our highly experienced in-house design team.

“Our design, construction and administration teams all love building homes and this comes across in everything we do,” Mr Lade said.

Dale Alcock Homes partners with the best quality brands and suppliers, including award-winning The Maker Designer Kitchens (an ABN Group company), and was the first WA project homebuilder to offer Caesarstone kitchen benchtops as standard. Caesarstone is now offered as standard throughout every Dale Alcock home, including the bathrooms and laundry.

“We pride ourselves on having a genuine culture of continuous improvement and a unwavering commitment to customer service and value for money,” Mr Lade said.

Named HIA WA and Australian Professional Major Builder of the year for the past seven years, Dale Alcock Homes has built more than 20,000 homes across Perth and the South West of WA.

“As a leader and innovator, we believe it’s important that we break the customer journey down into individual components and work out how we can make the customer’s home building experience even better than before,” Mr Lade said. “Our customers know they can trust us and that gives them all-important feeling of security and peace of mind that they’re looking for.”

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