Demolish and build…..and in the process update your lifestyle

Do you love your suburb, your street and your current lifestyle – and perhaps even your neighbours – but not your house? 

If that is the case, you’re certainly not alone.  It’s not uncommon for home owners to love the location of their house, but come to the realisation that their growing family needs increased space.  It’s equally common for people to come to the conclusion that the house they were once so pleased to move into has become tired and outdated.

Perth Builders - Demolish and Build

But the good news is that building a brand new home on an existing block has never been easier, especially for home owners who have generated equity in their land. And if that is the case, it makes sense to avoid moving costs and the additional expense of paying stamp duty and agent fees by developing your existing block and creating your dream home.

The reality is that demolition costs in Western Australia are currently less than $20,000.  Which means clearing your current block creates the perfect blank canvass to create a new home which complements your existing lifestyle. Perth Builders - Demolish and Build

Starting afresh you can take advantage of today’s latest design trends, particularly in relation to kitchens and bathrooms, where there has been the biggest adjustments to function and style over the last few decades.

It might be that your old home consists of a maze of smaller rooms linked by dark corridors – and you desire an open plan design with light and space, where the kitchen is the hub of the house and the centre of activity.

Or it could be that your ceilings are low and you’d love a home with high walls that increase the light and feeling of space.  Or perhaps you crave more storage options or separate zoning between parents and children’s areas.

With sustainable living on everyone’s lips, it may also be the case that an energy efficient home is right up your street.  Maybe one with sustainable characteristics such as water saving devices, solar hot water, improved insulation, smarter appliances and passive solar design with a cross ventilation system to take advantage of cooling breezes.

And the great thing is that, at the same time as you build, you can also plan your landscaping requirements and transform your old back yard into a contemporary and attractive outdoor living area – perhaps one where the swimming pool is in exactly the right location! 

So consider changing your house today – and not your street or suburb.  By choosing a style and design that suits your lifestyle today, you can be assured that it will deliver timeless street appeal for years to come.

And if you need more food for thought, consider the following additional reasons for building a new home:

  • Houses built in the last four decades or beyond are not designed for contemporary living
  • Old homes are often poorly orientated with no consideration for passive solar design
  • Double lock up garages and security were not a high priority when older homes were being built
  • Open plan living is a recent trend with emphasis on functional designer kitchens as the centre showpiece of the home
  • Alfresco dining and indoor/outdoor living is an essential ingredient for the way we entertain today
  • Fixtures, fittings and materials have improved dramatically
  • Energy efficiency and sustainable design is here to stay
  • Extending is at least double the cost per square metre than building from scratch
  • Homes older than 40 years old are fully depreciated and usually located in older suburbs where land values have continued to appreciate