Brick delivery

We arrived in Perth just before the weekend and went over to the block to see what was happening.

It was really great to walk on the slabs and get a sense of where the two homes sit on the block.

When you walk on the slab things always seem a bit smaller than what you expect!

The drainage works were close to completion and we have been told by Sarah, our Client Liaison Officer, the bricks were due to be delivered very shortly.

We got a nice surprise when we did a second drive-by today, on our way to Fremantle, to see the bricks being delivered.

It was exciting to be at the block when something was actually happening.

While we are in town we also picked our carpets. We chose a grey carpet with a small pattern in the weave for both homes. It is a durable carpet, we wanted it to be.

The houses will be leased out and as we don’t know who will live in them, we wanted to make sure they would fit with anyone’s furniture and anyone’s lifestyle.

Today’s photos are of the slabs and drainage works on Friday and the bricks being delivered today.